The Second Summer Camp of APSCO SSS Project is successfully completed
     2018 APSCO New Year Reception
     The Signing Ceremony of Contract between APSCO and SJTU on APSCO SSS-2A CubeSat
     The signing ceremony between APSCO and Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) on Agreement for Cooperation on Degree Education Programs
The 3rd Technical Session and Final Review Meeting on Framework Project were Successfully Concluded

The 3rd Technical Session on disaster monitoring under the ¡±Establishment of a Framework for Researches on Application of Space Technology for Disaster Monitoring in the APSCO Member States¡± Project was held in Chengdu, China during 4-8 December, 2018. Delegates from all Member States and APSCO Secretariat participated in the event. Dr. Li Xinjun, Secretary General of APSCO, gave a welcome speech to all participants, and expressed his sincere thanks on behalf of APSCO Secretariat for the great spirit of cooperation among all member States during the implementation of this project.

During the Technical Session, the reports of 5 Joint Research Projects (JRPs) covering disaster types of Flood, Earthquake and Drought, were presented by JRP Leading Countries Bangladesh, Iran and Pakistan, and discussions open among experts from all APSCO Member States. Besides, there were 12 presentations from Member States delivered to share their disaster monitoring and research works in their countries. Topics cover disasters including flood, earthquake, landslide, drought and others. Technical training and details practical applications were also shared in this Technical Session.

After the Technical Session, the Final Review Meeting on this project was held back to back. The Project Management Board (PMB) reviewed the final deliverables and outcomes of all JRPs. The Framework Project as the whole was satisfied by the PMB, and the project was considered to be closed out successfully. The PMB with supports from experts from all member States recommended to continue to the next phases of disaster monitoring activity under cooperative program of APSCO.

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